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Peculiar Three-Finger Ancient Alien Mummies Discovered in Peru Have Been Analyzed (video)

A few years back, a modern finding was made that utterly puzzled scientists across the globe. The finding was made in Peru. And it was actually a really unusual mom with an elongated skull and just three digits.

The Tomb was found along the Nazca Line of Peru, and the mom ended up being called Maria after a while.

Experts claim she’s a bipedal humanoid being with 23 sets of chromosomes. That will suggest she’s human after all, but that’s still up for discussion

It goes back to the 5th century AD, and according to Konstantin Korotkov, professor at the National Research University in St. Petersburg. She may be a symbol of a species that has developed far earlier than us.

He also assumed that this race may have died as a consequence of a natural catastrophe, such as a flood.

Maria often has a ribbed shape distinct from us, and considering the fact that she came from ancient days. She was embalmed with a white chloride cadmium powder. That is considerably more effective than the balming techniques used by ancient Egyptians.

Four more mummies were later found in Peru, all of them male and all of them with the same features as Maria, including the 23 pairs of chromosomes. The professor finished by confirming that these animals are human-like but not, biologically so distinct.