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Phoenix Lights 2022? UFOs multiplying over Phoenix, Arizona

Strange lights were recorded in the sky above Phoenix in Arizona on 14th February 2022. Another episode of famous Phoenix lights?

Witness report: With the binocs I could see they were flickering different colors like a juul in party mode when it goes all rainbowy. Some would move apart from the spot they were staying in and then come back. We drove to get closer and then it was just one light and that disappeared eventually.

I’m skeptical and was just talking today about how skeptical I am of stuff people say they see in the sky and then this happened lol.

Thought they might be lanterns till I saw through the binocs. I’d like to see the footage you got. It’d be cool to see that wheel drawing in the sky.

This was recorded with an iPhone 13 zoomed into the horizon at night. We were south of Maricopa, Arizona facing north towards Maricopa and Phoenix at 7:51. The lights were flickering different colors and appearing and disappearing. Lasted about 20 minutes. I had binocs and could see them clearer than this video.