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The “Lost City” Of Nan Madol: There could have been a connection to space (UFO)

The apparently lost city of Nan Madol, which sits opposite the eastern coast of Pohnpei, an island which is part of the Federated States of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean is a wonder to researchers and archaeologists, even being referred to by some as the “eighth wonder of the world”, with Smithsonian Magazine even calling it an “engineering marvel”.

As we might expect, many researchers suggest the possibility of a connection to apparently sunken and lost cities as Atlantis or more specifically, Lemuria (sometimes referred to as Mu). Others suggest that the largely artificial location is the result of extraterrestrial technology and foresight, as well as being for their own (unknown) purposes.

Is it possible that Nan Madol will reveal the existence of an ancient and advanced civilization? Might this location have acted as some kind of extraterrestrial outpost in the distant past? Might the island have been constructed by an unknown civilization of giants? The questions and possibilities are seemingly in abundance. As are the legends and myths that prompt them?

All of these suggestions, as well as how the island was constructed in the first place, keep the location as one of the most enigmatic and intriguing on Earth. And one, potentially, with many secrets left to reveal.

Intriguing Connections To The Ancient Astronaut Theory?

From a UFO and, in particular, an ancient astronaut perspective, the site is of great intrigue. Perhaps not least as the original name for the location was the Reef of Heaven. Of course, any mention of Heaven or the word Heavens alongside ancient ruins with signs of advanced engineering usually prompt many in the ancient astronaut community to suggest these are references to outer space and visitors from elsewhere in the universe.

We should note that there is no solid evidence for this, but it is a detail worth noting as the same references in other ancient locations can be found. And what’s more, many of these other ancient locations have legends that have led some researchers to believe that they may once have served as some kind of ancient travel hub or even spaceports.

We should also note, at least based on the materials we might use for such vehicles, Nan Madol is unlikely to soundly support such a huge and heavy craft. However, as speculative as it might be, and, based on what we know from whistleblowers in the UFO community, might it be that such advanced craft was comprised of lightweight materials? We will not speculate further, only leave the possibility loitering in your mind for a moment or two.

We should also note, recalling the claims of some that the island might have a connection to ancient lost worlds as Atlantis or Lemuria, that there is a fine line between the possibilities of “ancient aliens” and ancient civilizations.

The legend Atlantic city

Essentially, whether they realize it or not, anyone researching the ancient astronaut theory is also researching the potential of ancient civilizations. Indeed, such collective research may one day reveal that these ancient astronauts are, in fact, our long-lost ancient and advanced ancestors from pre-history.

Many Things To Consider About Nan Madol

Like many other mysterious and ancient locations around the world, the possibilities as to the actual origins and purpose of Nan Madol are likely to remain exactly that, at least for the foreseeable future.

There could be some secrets that yet haven’t been discovered

And while we shouldn’t be too quick to lay the achievements of the island at the feet of an unknown civilization – an extraterrestrial one at that in some cases – the fact is the construction of the island in the location it is should alert us to the fact that there likely is some part of the puzzle that we currently can’t locate. Indeed, we may find that an accepted piece of the puzzle has been inserted incorrectly, so revealing the missing piece.

Did extraterrestrials once reside here? Were those who constructed Nan Madol not alien but indigenous to the planet, although what we would term as “giants” today? And was some kind of advanced technology and devices used to construct this marvel in the waters of the Pacific?

The location will continue to remain a focus of researchers, both in mainstream archaeology and the alternative. And it almost certainly has secrets left to reveal. Whether those secrets suggest an advanced civilization, indigenous to our planet or not, remains to be seen. What is perhaps certain, though, is that when those potential secrets are finally revealed they will very likely shed a bright light into the dark corners of history we have yet to discover.